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Orang Asli Care

is another urgently needed but challenging mission.

The Orang Asli under our care are not orphans, but due to their harsh environment there is no comprehensive education system in their local area. Thus, having no other options they fell back to the ways of their forefathers, living off the land and with little hope in escaping poverty as resources and available living space around them become scarcer.

With the looming threat of deforestation, the aboriginal parents understood that the only way for their children to have a better life is to empower them with education.



When first enrolled into the home, these aboriginal children missed the freedom of running freely in the forest and swimming in the river. However, thanks to their high-level adaptability, they soon began thrive and do well in the Home.

With the encouragement of other children, most of them now speak fluent English and seeks to better themselves in their education. The most gratifying moment arrived in 2015 when one of the aboriginal children obtained 8As in the government-level SPM examinations. We here at Sunbeams would continue to help build a brighter future for these children, that they would one day use the skills and knowledge they learn to improve their communities.

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