Yayasan Sunbeams Home Mawar Boys Home

Safe enviroment

Here at Sunbeams we seek to provide our children with a safe and secure environment for them to grow, learn and play.

A Place to call Home

Under the tender care of our dedicated staff, the children are given a place where they can feel loved and accepted with all the comforts of home.

Space to grow

The home has plenty of space to cater to all the needs of our boys. Open spaces for them to play, exercise, study and rest.

Large living spaces for various activities.

Lockers filled with blessings

Food and friends

About Our Home

The Mawar Boy’s Home completed its construction in October 2014 thanks to the generous support of donors and well-wishers. Since then, the boys of Sunbeams have staying there.  It is the place where they make friends, play, study, rest and most importantly grow as the learn important skills for the future. Currently it is home to 44 boys from the age of 4 to 18 years old but over the years it has been a home to numerous boys. While children may come and go the Mawar Boys Home would continue to house, care and love all who enters its doors. 

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