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The Yayasan Sunbeams Home Community Learning Centre (CLC) was officially launched in 2008 when its founder Pastor Alvin Tan realized what disadvantaged and underprivileged children had to endure. These children came from divided/ broken families, other adverse backgrounds and were neglected or abused. Due to these dire circumstances, they either lost the will to study or their studies were discontinued or interrupted.

When Yayasan Sunbeams Home took in these children and placed them back into normal stream schools, they were not able to cope with their studies mainly due to a large number of students in each class and the corresponding lack of attention offered by the teachers. Unfortunately, these children began falling back in their studies and started causing problems in such schools – mainly due to the lack of self-esteem and meaningful motivation to do well.

Of the children that Sunbeams had sent to such normal mainstream schools, only a small percentage, around 2% completed the mandatory SPM/ Form 5 examinations successfully. Sunbeams realized, then, that many of their children were not successful in their education and decided to move forward with its own Home School program.

The personal attention that all children received
in a smaller class environment paid off- their positive attitude towards their studies improved further and they began performing better. It is the principle of sharing and caring that changed their lives and the passion to learn. The personal and genuine attention and love given to them when they were having problems made a significant difference.

Sunbeams’ children are more disciplined due to improved self-esteem and self-motivation to do well, are more confident in their studies and have improved as reflected in the examinations conducted by the Home School. They speak and communicate proficiently in proper English, Malay and a majority of them can also speak Mandarin regardless of their original mother tongue.

Community Learning Centre (CLC)
At present, there are 93 children studying in CLC. Sunbeams gears the children to take the Government school exams. Besides the local syllabus, CLC is also Incorporated Singapore syllabus in the lessons. English is the main teaching medium in CLC. The first batch of students sat for their SPM (Malaysian Certificate of Education) exam at the end of 2012 and obtained good results.

  • To offer excellence in education, providing for the development of the complete child through an integrated and relational program.
  • To provide children with a complete character-based approach to tutorial education.
  • To provide a holistic education that includes the building of character, intellect, physique, sociability, creativity and labor-craft.
  • To provide an integrated academic curriculum for the students incorporating Biblical values.
  • To provide an environment of love and care so as to develop caring and responsible citizens.
  • Upgrading the qualities of students through professional teaching methods.
  • He teaching profession and to upgrade the qualities of students.
  • To value character formation and to cultivate a positive mentality.
  • To strengthen students physically and to promote sports activities.
  • To enhance students’ organizational competence and to promote co-curricular activities.
  • To comply with education principles and to improve administrative efficiency.

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