We would just like to share the experience of one of our kids called Kevin, which also reflects those of the other kids. Before the pandemic hit the world, Kevin was having fun with many events and activities that Sunbeams had organized for the kids. He used to prepare for the BB Pesta (Boys Brigade), going out into the open fields on weekends and enjoying his freedom. But all this ended suddenly.

For Kevin, covid-19 was just a non-existing virus. Coping with the first two weeks of quarantine was easy for him and the other kids. They enjoyed the first phase of MCO as it was like a break for them.

However, when the MCO was extended to phase 2 and the number of cases were rising fast, he realized how this virus was the cause of massive problems economically, financially and Healthwise. That was when reality hit him. He could no longer enjoy his usual routine of meeting his friends. He found it difficult to keep up with his studies as it was changed into online classes which took him some time to adjust. Eventually, Kevin became bored and felt demotivated.

But this didn’t stop him from trying to become productive. He managed to find creative ways to spend his time during MCO wisely. He started to learn new skills like baking brownies and cooking Chinese food. He also helped caring for the younger kids.

This pandemic gave Kevin a great lesson in appreciating the true values of life, the great importance in being able to hold on to one’s occupations and sources of income as well as the ability to spend valuable time with family and the people you care about because life is short and you can’t reverse time.

He wishes that the pandemic will end so that things can go back to normal. But Kevin also accepts that we must all learn to live with the covid virus as a part of our daily routine.

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