Uncle Yap, who often has a smile on his face, has been a driver at Yayasan Sunbeams Home for 11 years. He regards all the staffs and children of Sunbeams as his family. He states that Sunbeams Home is place full of caring and loving individuals, especially both Pastor Tan and Pastor Victor who are exceeding considerate and kind to all the employees and children of the home.

The children are very dear to Uncle Yap and wants to see them succeed in life. He recalled the situation the destressing situation some of the children were in when they first came into the Home, some were malnourished and some had bruises all over. He saw them grow and be nurtured under the attentive care those in those in Sunbeams. During MCO and CMCO period, he was distressed to find that the children are unable to go to school and engage themselves in outdoor activities and events. However, seeing some of the children not giving up on self-learning and seeking to make progress during this period made him felt delighted and relieve. He hopes that the Covid-19 situation would come to an end soon, returning things to normal as it was before the pandemic.

Uncle Yap stated that the pandemic has changed the lives of many. Some have lost their beloved family members, and some have lost their careers. It has not been easy for everyone during this period. Yet for Uncle Yap, he is indeed grateful to the Home for being able to have work in these difficult times. During this period, he realized that human life is actually very simple, and sometimes people have pursued too much. He now thinks that as long as the people around him are healthy, safe and happy, he felt satisfied and contented. On the other hand, watching YSH Pastors find ways to improve the lives of children in the home, he also wants to call on people from all walks of life to lend a helping hand for YSH to build a warm home for the children.

Uncle Yap and the children have also developed a very deep relationship. Every year there will be a time that makes him sad, that is when he has to wave goodbye to the children who have already attained the age of 18.

“Every time watching them leaving Sunbeams Home, I am unspeakably sad and is reluctant to bid farewell.”

But at the same time, he is happy and proud of these children. Under the loving nurturing of the Home, these young children have grown into self-reliant youths who can stand on their own. Uncle Yap treasures everything in Home very much. He hopes that Yayasan Sunbeams Home can do better and better and help more families and children in need.

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