Fish are Friends

Fish Keeping with the children

Aquariums tell stories that everyone interprets differently, what’s your story?”   

Just like how every child here at Sunbeams have their own stories to share, keeping an aquarium can be one of those fun stories. We here at Sunbeams seek to provide our children with engaging and exciting activities. Through fish keeping our children can learn important lessons in patience and responsibility. The children interested are taught the fundamentals of fish keeping by a staff named Jonathan. He has over 10 years of Fish Keeping experience and has been interested in the hobby from a very young age. He seeks to ensure that the children’s first step into the world of fish keeping would be smooth one.

Children are taught about the importance of water changes and how to do them, as well as basic Aquascaping. Some children who have gain a decent about of fish keeping experience were given a Betta Fish to care for. Through this we hope to instill in our children a sense of responsibility and ownership as the learn to care for living beings. Currently we have a total of 3 aquariums in Sunbeams, each with its own unique Aquascape and fishes. We seek to get more children interested in this hobby and perhaps one day pursue it as a career.  


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